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Pretz Moisturizing Nasal Spray - 1.7 fl oz
Pretz Moisturizing Nasal Spray - 1.7 fl oz

Pretz Spray lubricates and moisturizes nasal membranes, and relieves dryness due to lack of humidity.

It also reduces nasal crusting, thins nasal secretion, and relieves post-nasal drip. Pretz Spray is very useful in dry environments, such as at higher elevations and during airplane flights.

Pretz Spray offers a natural alternative to the side effects of decongestants and steroids. Unlike steroids and decongestants, Pretz can be used safely as often as needed.

The products are based on the original Dr. Proetz formula of glycerin and saline developed in the early 1900's, with the addition of Yerba Santa.

The Pretz products contain a patented formulation of polysaccharides and glycoproteins, derived from the Yerba Santa plant, to provide natural moisture and lubricity.

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