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Mute Anti-Snoring Nasal Breathing Device - Medium
Mute Anti-Snoring Nasal Breathing Device - Medium

Breathe more, snore less, sleep better.

Mute is a nasal breathing device designed to gently open your nasal airway during sleep to increase airflow through your nose and reduce mouth breathing.

By breathing more freely through the nose, the Mute anti-snoring device may help reduce the effects of night time nasal congestion due to a blocked nose, deviated septum, or narrow airways.

Not all noses are symmetrical and this is why Mute comes in three different sizes and also allows you to adjust each side separately to achieve the perfect fit for each nostril.

Each pack includes 3 medium Mute Anti-Snoring Nasal Breathing Devices, a 30 night supply.

Features and benefits:

  • Gently opens the nose to improve nasal airflow
  • Helps reduce mouth breathing for less snoring
  • Soft, comfortable, and adjustable
  • 3 different sizes for a perfect fit
  • 78% of users could breathe better at night
  • 75% of users snored less
  • 73% of partners reported a reduction in snoring severity
  • 3 Mute devices per pack (a 30 night supply)
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